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FREE - Basic e Cigarette Kit

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Introduction e cigarette kit

. Your order will include:

  • One complete e cigarette
  • Battery & USB Charger
  • e cigarette Vaporizer

  • One pack of refill e cigarette cartridges

  • Your choice of Flavor: Tobacco or Menthol
  • Your choice of Strength: High, Medium, Low or No Nicotine

Our electronic cigarettes are a healthy alternative to smoking. Weather its to quit smoking or simply begin a healthier lifestyle while still enjoying the relaxing, soothing and refreshing sensation of smoking with out the dangerous chemicals found in tobacco.  efresh e cigarette is what you're looking for. we can help you stop smoking. efresh has the best e cigs best price on electronic cigarettes, and efresh is the best place to buy e cigarette.
How your e cig kit works:
Each efresh electronic cigarette contains three components:

The unit works just like a regular cigarette - you draw in on the e cigarette and inhale the flavored nicotine vapor - and enjoy.

Introductory kit for free. We're so confident that you'll love efresh electonic cigarettes; not only for the great tobacco flavor, relaxing nicotine but also because it's a healthy, inexpensive alternative to regular cigarette smoking, we're giving away our basic Introductory kit for FREE.

Just pay shipping & handling*.
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Many times the alternative to tobacco cigarettes is more expensive than the cigarettes themselves. Expensive nicotine gums, self-help videos & tapes, hypnosis or electronic “therapy” proved frustrating and useless. Then we discovered the secret – we like smoking! We didn't want to quit, we just didn't want the health risk, the smell, social stigma or the crazy cost of tobacco cigarettes.

Free introductory kit buyer pays shipping & handling *while supplies last.

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A healthier alternative to smoking.

We are a company dedicated to providing healthy alternatives to the millions of tobacco user who want fresh, healthy solution. Our founder and president struggled with tobacco addiction and smoking related health problems for decades. As a result he dedicated his efforts to building a company which values scientifically tested and medically approved alternatives to regular tobacco cigarette smoking.

 "No second hand smoke or dangerous effects of smoking. electronic cigarettes were the best way to quit smoking. e cigarettes are inexpensive and taste great. I enjoy my e cigs in restuarants and even my office. they are smokefree and only emit water vapor." *while supplies last. this is a *free trial offer. we reserve the right to limit, withdraw or withhold this offer at anytime.  there are no warranties, guaranties or refunds offered or implied. this offer is at no obligation to either parties.
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